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Exchanging energy, transforming lives

Zoei tailors her instruction to my skill level. She presents each pose as a challenge that I can fine tune depending on my mood, energy level and physical condition. I usually walk out of her class feeling like happy mush.  Zoei’s strong knowledge of yoga coupled with her keen awareness of body mechanics creates an atmosphere of safety and trust.

Linda Lee, South Korea.

Zoei teaches with a profoundly knowledgeable and skilled foundation
She instills heart, peace and care into every class while allowing a sense of fun and humility.
I have learnt not only technique from Zoei, but also a deep self acceptance and confidence.
Allowing a Yin teacher into your space can be a very personal experience, and I am so grateful I allowed Zoei into mine.

Carrie Taylor, New Zealand.

Zoei made me fall in love with Yin. She was our Yin instructor when I underwent the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) course. Her classes were very relaxing. They were fun and easy, and structured in a way that both beginner and regular practitioners would appreciate. She offers a variety of modifications per pose and gives a guided meditation after each class.  

Before, I had a personal bias for Yang. I even wanted to just teach Yang! But Zoei has a gift of opening you up to Yin. She is a big reason why I am a Yin instructor now. Her guidance continues to this day. I am proud that I trained and learned from her. And her teachings, I will also pass to all my students.

Melmar Anicoche, Philippines.

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Exchanging energy, transforming lives

I was practicing yoga for 5 years before I got to know Zoei, the yogi, the teacher. The results I got in last 8 months are far more superior and evident than my 5 years of practice before I became her student. She is tough like a hitler and funny like Charlie Chaplin. Both of these humans had similar mustache.she has none but Zoei is awesome!!

Mayank Arora, India.

I was looking for a personalized combination of Asthanga, Hatha and Yin yoga practice. Luckily I found Zoei and her style is exactly what I was looking for. Zoei is an amazing, dedicated skilled yoga teacher and made me progress.
Zoei’s classes are a great mix full of laughter, postures flow, breathing and relaxation. Zoei is kind and relaxed which makes me feel calm and relaxed immediately. Highly recommend her classes, which has become one of the things I look forward to most every week!
I thoroughly enjoy every minute of our yoga sessions and I feel wonderful afterwards and in the days to follow.

Theocharis Patronidis, Germany

Highly recommend Zoei to anyone who wish to learn Yoga. Very experienced, patience and friendly instructor.

Janiviy Chang, Singapore

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What People Are Saying

Started taking yoga lessons with Zoei in September 2020. Love our sessions, I am seeing continuous improvement in my flexibility, balance, posture and strength. Zoei is there to guide me through the poses, correcting my alignment with patience and care. She gives me enough push when I feel like giving up and assurance in time and with practice, I will get there. I admire her dedication and passion to her craft and her overall way of life that reflects the principles of yoga. Each session with her is full on bucket-sweating workout, a time to share a laughter and enjoy a yoga practice together with someone who has become a dear friend.

Myla Espejo, Philippines 

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